Have You Seesawed Today?


Seesaw – The Learning Journal is a must have for any classroom.  This is my second year using Seesaw with my students.  I love it so much that I became a Seesaw Ambassador.  Two of my colleagues have become Ambassadors as well.

The power and possibilities of using Seesaw are only limited by your creativity and imagination.  Seesaw allows our students to share their work in a safe environment. We choose whether we want to have an Individual or Class Sign In.  Since grades 3 – 5 have 1:1 iPads, we use Individual Sign In, and Grades K – 2 use Class Sign In mode because they share iPads.   Students and teachers make decisions about what to add to individual Seesaw accounts.  It’s as easy as a push of a button or two.  We recommend starting out small – take some pictures and post them to student accounts.  Have your students take a picture and add their own work to Seesaw.  Check out the Seesaw website for a ton of great ideas, but here are some we have personally used:

  • explaining students’ math thinking
  • sharing writing samples
  • recording students’ reading
  • showcasing “best work”
  • reflecting on the week or a specific assignment
  • setting goals for a marking period, unit, or topic of study
  • adding movies and stories
  • sharing a “snapshot” of what happens in the classroom
  • recording a sample of students practicing their musical instrument
  • submitting an assignment and having students respond in Seesaw
  • sharing a link with your students
  • annotating a picture
  • labeling a map or diagram

Growth and progress are documented in a fun and easy way.  Stories, movies, projects are stored inside Seesaw – no more worrying about having enough memory or trying to search email for each student’s work. It’s all right at your fingertips.  Seesaw even has folders to help you organize the items.  Seesaw plays very nicely with a ton of other apps.  You can easily add items from PicCollage, iMovie, Tiny Tap, Shadow Puppet, Keynote, and even Google Docs and Pages!

Parents can be invited to view their student’s Seesaw Journal.  We love seeing their comments and the feedback has been amazing.  Seesaw has given our parents a glimpse into  our classrooms.  Items added to a child’s Seesaw account can be a great discussion starter at the dinner table.  The question, “What did you do at school today?” takes on a whole new level when a parent has a specific item for a reference.

Teachers can comment and respond to student work, as well.  Students can share their thoughts and reflections on items they post.  Kids and teachers alike at our school have turned Seesaw into a verb- “Don’t forget to Seesaw that project.”  “I’m going to Seesaw this picture.” “Are you Seesawing again?”

We can’t wait to see what you can imagine and create using Seesaw.  The possibilities are endless.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Get started! Start Seesawing!



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