“If you look closely, you can see it. You can almost touch it.”
“Some people pay a lot of attention to it. Some don’t.”
“The more you try to hold it… the better it hides.”
“I’ve shut my eyes, gone to sleep, stared at the sun, run backward really fast, but it keeps going.”
“Where does it go? Can we stay longer?”
(From FOREVER OR A DAY by Sarah Jacoby)

You cannot hold it and you can’t give it to someone else. You can’t get it back, but you can treasure it.

Time…  The time we have. The time we give.  The time we had with you.

Twenty-nine years ago, you captured our hearts. During the time we had with you, we shared many small moments and some big ones, too. When you were little, you spent a lot of time with us. We thought of you as one of our own,  and we saw the light and sparkle you possessed. So many memories, so many laughs and days we will remember. Even then, you loved fiercely and knew what you wanted. Your laugh was contagious and you already had a sense of style. You rocked the little black dress, way back when.

Over time, your beauty continued to grow on the inside and outside. Your laugh become a bit more infectious, the eye rolls a bit more pronounced, your opinions more impassioned. One thing that didn’t change was your love of children.  When you spoke about “your kids”, your eyes would light up. They were your mission.  As years passed, we’d catch up with a text or short visit – always special.  But, time caught up with us.

Cancer doesn’t care about time. It steals time from those we love. It robs us of the days ahead. But in typical fashion, you weren’t about to let that happen. Instead of letting time take control, you took charge.

You faced cancer head-on with humor, grace, determination, and strength. Even when you knew you were running out of time, you made sure that the time you spent on this earth made a difference. You knew the importance of making the most of the time you had. Your time mattered.  It continues to matter; it will always be part of us.

We thought we had a little more time with you, but we were wrong.  Just one more afternoon,  one more conversation,  maybe that would make us satisfied.  It would only make us wish for one more.  So, we treasure the time we had with you.


***Susannah Levin lost her battle with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer on August 11, 2018.  She was 29 years old. Susannah’s final wish was to continue helping children, which was truly her life’s work. She didn’t want other kids and their families to suffer needlessly from this disease. Please considering donating to honor her memory and help a child.

There are two ways to do this.

1)Create your own team at

Set a goal and start raising money to support kids and their families!!

2)Donate to the Levin family’s “team” at

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